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Copper Rod Continuous Casting and Rolling Production Line

Copper Rod Continuous Casting Rolling Production

Product Details

The Copper rod continuous casting and rolling production line is designed for producing Φ8mm bright low oxygen copper rod. The design and manufacturing of this new type of machine has absorbed advanced technology from American South Wire, German SMS MEER and Italian PROPERZI. This production line can use both cathode copper or 100% scrap copper as raw material.

Copper Rod Continuous Casting And Rolling Production Line

Copper Rod Continuous Casting And Rolling Production Line

Copper Rod CCR Line

Copper Rod CCR Line

Copper Rod Continuous Casting And Rolling Line

Copper Rod Continuous Casting And Rolling Line

Product Features (Characteristics)
This production line has the advantages of simple structure, high production efficiency, low power consumption and good quality of product copper rods.

Product Appearance (Structure)
Main components
1.Continuous casting machine: 1set
2.Front traction machine: 1set
3.Slitting roller: 1set
4.Straightening chamfering machine: 1set
5.Roughening machine: 1set
6.Feeding machine: 1set
7.Continuous rolling machine: 12 racks
8.Copper rod reduction and cooling system: 1set
9.Hydraulic coiler take-up machine: 1set
10.Weighing device: 1set
11.Hydraulic packing machine: 1set
12.Emulsion filter(basket type): 1set
13.Electronic control system: 1set

Product Working Method (Principle)
Technical flow:
Grade-one copper cathode or grade-one scrap copper→ vertical furnace→ holding furnace
launder→ casting ladle→ five-wheel type casting machine→ front traction machine→ slitting roller→ straightening chamfering machine→ feeding machine→ two-roller continuous rolling machine→ copper rod reduction and cooling system→ waxing device→ rear traction machine→ coiler take-up machine→ hydraulic packing machine.

Product Model (Specification Parameters)

4+8 roller typeFull 2-rolller type
Rolling form3-roller "Y" typeFull 2-rolller
Rod diameterΦ8mmΦ8mm
Type of final productbright low oxygen copper rodbright low oxygen copper rod
Production speedV=8.1-9.6m/sV=10m/s
Production capacity10t/h—15t/h12~15t/h

We have professional export team and logistics team which have many years of enperiences of exporting and tranporting the equipment to save you any troubles in delivering the equipment to your site, the machines could be dealed in Incoterms of FOB Shanghai or CIF destination or as designated by you.

We would send you our engineers to guide you in installation and commissioning of your equipment, also our engineers will train your people in how to operate and maintain your equipment.

After Sale
Our company has set up a number of tough emergency service team, on-site experienced engineers and senior technicians who can arrive on the scene in the fastest time for any problems, maintenance and replacement.
The warranty period of our equipment is one year from the date of completion of commissioning. During the warranty period, the fees of maintenance and materials caused by the bad quality of our equipment will be borned by our company; the fees of maintenance and materials caused by the buyer will be borned by the buyer.