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Copper Melting Furnace

Copper Melting Furnace
Copper Melting Furnace

Product Details

This furnace is used to refine scrap copper, the refined molten copper could be cast into anode copper plates through anode casting machine or low-oxygen copper rod through ccr line(continuous casting and rolling line)


Furnace body, hydraulic system, oxidation-reduction system, DC motor driving system, combustion system, electric control system.

Copper Melting Furnace

Copper Melting Furnace

Copper Melting Furnace suppliers

Copper Melting Furnace suppliers

The process of the refining by the tilting refining furnace is three steps:

1. Oxidation and slagging:  inject compressed air into the molten copper liquid to make metal impurities oxidized to form slag.

2. Deslagging: manual deslagging through deslagging door.

3. Reduction : inject natural gas into the copper liquid to make replacement reaction to restore copper.

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