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An Oxygen-free Copper Rod Is Pure Copper That Does Not Contain Oxygen Or Any Deoxidizer Residue.

Apr 01, 2019

The oxygen-free copper rod is pure copper that does not contain oxygen or any deoxidizer residue. But in fact it still contains a very small amount of oxygen and some impurities. According to the standard, the oxygen content is not more than 0.02%, the total impurity content is not more than 0.05%, and the purity of copper is greater than 99.95%.

According to the oxygen content and impurity content, the oxygen-free copper rod is further divided into TU1 and TU2 copper rods. The purity of TU1 oxygen-free copper rod is 99.99%, the oxygen content is not more than 0.001%; the purity of TU2 oxygen-free copper is 99.95%, and the oxygen content is not more than 0.002%.

Due to the different processes for producing copper rods, the oxygen content and appearance of the produced copper rods are different. The copper rod produced by the above process has an oxygen content of less than 10 ppm and is called an oxygen-free copper rod. The copper rod produced by continuous casting and continuous casting is hot rolled under protective conditions, and the oxygen content is in the range of 200-500 ppm, but sometimes Up to 700ppm or more, in general, the copper produced by this method is bright, sometimes called a polished rod.

Oxygen-free copper rods are also made of imported equipment and domestically produced equipment, but the imported products have no obvious advantages. The difference between the copper rod products is not very big. As long as the copper plates are selected well, the production control is relatively stable, and the domestic equipment can also The output can be stretched by 0.05 copper rods. The imported equipment is generally the equipment of Outokumpu in Finland. The best equipment for domestic equipment should be the naval factory in Shanghai. It has the longest production time, military enterprises and reliable quality.