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Copper Anode Casting Machine Operation Safety Instructions

Mar 11, 2019

I. Terms and definitions

The relevant provisions of the Copper anode casting machine determine the following terms and definitions:

1. The casting mold is made of molding sand, other metal materials and refractory raw materials, including the combination of the cavity, the core and the control system before the casting is formed;

2. The cavity parting surface is the joint surface between the mold components in the casting process;

3. The combined module is used in the equipment to complete the main parting surface closure mechanism, and is also used to prevent the casting from separating during the forming or pressurization process;

Second, note the tips

1, mechanical operation tips

1 During the operation of the Copper anode casting machine, problems such as extrusion, collision and entanglement may occur on the human body due to improper operation;

2 The parts may be designed at the beginning of the period because of the shape factors such as sharp edges and corners, which may cause problems such as stabs or cuts to the workers, so pay attention to their own safety during the operation;

3 When the parts are in operation, the danger of looseness, looseness and falling may occur due to aging or lack of tightening, so the staff should pay attention to safety during operation;

4 equipment in the working hours is too long may be due to gravity, the occurrence of parts out of control or self-movement;

2, high pressure fluid tips

1 Note that the hydraulic pressure of the Copper anode casting machine and the maximum pressure of the pneumatic module cannot exceed the rated working pressure set in advance in the system;

2 The accumulator must be inspected to be disassembled or repaired in the state of complete pressure relief;

3, electrical tips

1 The staff should not directly touch the exposed parts or the components such as wire components, otherwise there will be electric shock, burn and fall;

Third, security protection requirements

1. The main dangerous area of the Copper anode casting machine belongs to the mold module, so corresponding measures should be taken to eliminate it;

2. The combined module and ferrule module of the equipment are hydraulically driven, and the mold must be reliably clamped after the merging and ferrule. The various switches of the clamping mode only serve as a signal prompting. The pressure of the hydraulic system always acts on the casting until the casting is completely formed and solidified, and the corresponding display device should be installed on the operating table;

3. In any case, the combination should be interlocked with the pouring, so that it can effectively avoid the pouring action when the fitting is not in place;

4, the equipment's modular module should accurately know the accuracy of the fit in place, you can additionally install a displacement sensor to prompt, effectively avoid the overflow or splash of raw materials from the parting surface when pouring;

5. The riser pipe and transition sleeve of the holding furnace and the gate part should be sealed and fastened, and it is necessary to confirm that the holding furnace is in the correct working position before allowing the pouring;

6. The number of controllers of the equipment should be consistent with the number of staff specified on the switch;

7. The casting machine should ensure that the raw material liquid is in the process of pouring or solidifying, and all other control actions are in a chain state;

8. From the overall design, it is necessary to ensure that the mold can be firmly mounted on the movable and fixed seat plate, so that it will not be dangerous to the operator due to accidental looseness.