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Copper Rod Production Process

Mar 17, 2019

What are the copper rod production processes? What is the process of the copper rod production process? What are the defects in the copper rod production process? How to solve the defects in the copper rod production process? So what exactly is a copper rod? A copper rod actually refers to a rod made of hot-melted or cold-rolled molten copper.

Copper rods can be divided into low-oxygen copper rods and oxygen-free copper rods. The so-called low oxygen copper rod has an oxygen content of 200 (175) - 400 (450) ppm. The advantage is obvious when the diameter of the low-oxygen copper rod is >1 mm. Oxygen-free copper rods are produced from electrolytic copper. The oxygen-free copper rod has a lower resistivity than the low-oxygen copper rod. It can be said that the oxygen-free copper rod is more economical. Then the classification of the copper rod is introduced here. Let's talk about the copper rod production process right away.

Continuous casting and rolling process of copper rod production process: electrolytic copper→feeding machine→shaft furnace→upstream tank→heat preservation furnace→downflow tank→watering→conducting machine→pinching roller→shearing machine→slab pretreatment equipment→ Rolling mill → cleaning cooling pipe → waxing → loop forming machine → packaging machine → finished product transportation.