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Low Pressure Casting Machine Performance Characteristics

Mar 04, 2019

1. Low-pressure casting machine mainframe structure features

The four-column guiding and merging mechanism is adopted, and the opening and closing type is stable;

The guiding structure between the movable template and the guide post can offset the thermal expansion effect caused by the mold temperature;

The height of the joint can be adjusted arbitrarily within the range of travel, which is especially suitable for multi-variety and small batch production;

2. Hydraulic system 

The oil pump adopts a variable displacement piston pump to ensure automatic constant pressure and flow regulation of the system and save energy. The operating speed of each cylinder can be adjusted separately;

Hydraulic components such as pumps and valves in the hydraulic system use imported components;

The seals of all cylinders are imported seals, and the core cylinders are made of high temperature resistant seals;

3. Mold cooling system

The machine can be equipped with multiple air-cooled and water-cooled cooling circuits for time-based cooling automatic control; the cooling parameters can be modified on the monitoring interface.

4 holding furnace

Use molten pool type holding furnace, radiant heating. The holding furnace control adopts PID+SCR, the rated temperature range is 680-750°C, and the temperature control accuracy is ±5°C;

The holding furnace is fixed on the driving trolley, and the lifting and lowering mechanism is used to complete the lifting and lowering of the furnace body, and the hydraulic motor is driven to complete the smooth movement of the front and rear of the trolley;

5 electrical control system

The electrical control system consists of two parts: the PLC control unit and the man-machine interface. The control system completes the main machine action control, liquid level pressure control and mold cooling control of the low pressure casting machine.

The control device is provided with protection against short circuit and overload; it has a perfect interlocking function to ensure safe and reliable operation of the machine.

The control cabinet is equipped with cabinet air conditioner to ensure that the control system can work normally under harsh conditions and improve system reliability.

6 liquid level press

The low-pressure casting machine liquid level pressing device adopts imported pneumatic proportional valve + high-precision pressure sensor to realize the detection of pressure in the holding furnace and real-time closed-loop feedback control, PID adjustment mode. It has multi-stage linear pressure, automatic tracking setting pressure curve, holding furnace leakage compensation, liquid level compensation and other functions. The pressure control has high precision and good reproducibility, ensuring stable and consistent low-pressure casting process and effectively improving the yield of castings.