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Safety Operation Points Of Copper Anode Casting Machine

Mar 09, 2019

The safety of the foundry industry focuses on dust, heat and mechanical damage. Because high temperatures are generated during the production process, various harmful gases, dust, smoke, and noise are generated, which may cause burns, explosions, fires, and the like during the casting operation. Therefore, we must strictly abide by the operating procedures of Copper anode casting machines to prevent any accidents. Below we introduce production considerations in order from different processes of casting:

First, the workers in the sand mixing operation must use the roller compacting sand mixing stage. This type of machine is prone to various safety problems during use, so strictly observe the following points:

1. The machine should be handed over to a special person for management, pay attention to the timely maintenance after daily use, carefully check before use, and confirm that there is no problem before using.

2. After the sanding machine is started up, it is strictly forbidden for anyone to directly carry out the digging and cleaning of the grinding wheel by hand, and it is strictly forbidden to take the sand sample directly on the grinding disc by hand.

3. When the professional enters the sander for maintenance and overhaul, the power supply must be turned off, and the safety warning sign of “Maintenance during maintenance, no closing” is hung at the power switch.

4. The sander should be equipped with a sampler. If the company is not equipped with a sampler, it must stop sampling.

5. It is strictly forbidden to shovel sand in the machine work.

6, timely cleaning, to ensure the cleanliness of the workplace, to ensure the safety of personnel.

Second, modeling operations

1. The styling workers should pay attention to the safety of lifting and transportation at all times. Under any circumstances, it is absolutely forbidden for any person to place the sand mold in a stable and stable place under the lifting object to prevent the injured person from falling.

2, manual modeling and core making should pay special attention to the sand box, core box dropped to hurt the foot, or the finger light is cut, pay attention to the correct handling of the sand box, core box in the work process. Wear footwear with excellent protection and regular separation of sharp objects such as nails in the sand.

3. When the sand box is stacked, the height should not exceed 2 meters to avoid collapse and injury.

4, the use of pit modeling, to understand the water level, to avoid pouring explosions, to ensure the smooth flow of gas.

5, sand box, core iron reinforcement ribs are directly exposed to the surface of the mold, easy to produce "bonfire", burn people.

6. Modeling personnel should be employed after training and strictly enforce safety operation specifications.

7, modeling sand, the operator must wear hard toe work shoes, work seriously responsible for prohibiting distraction, to avoid accidents in low-pressure casting operations.

8. When sandblasting, the staff should work closely together. The cantilever of the sand blasting machine should be fixed firmly and cannot be swayed back and forth to produce unsafe factors.

Third, sand drying operation

1. The loading and unloading furnaces should be arranged by personnel, and avoid uneven loading and unloading during loading and unloading to avoid overturning.

2, the furnace is installed to ensure that the body is stable, when the sand box is installed, it should be big and small, and installed in order to prevent tilting and shaking.

3, lifting should pay attention to the lifting weight, it is strictly prohibited to run the crane under overload, can not be mixed.

4. Install warning signs near the fire door. It is strictly forbidden to place flammable and explosive materials and smoking.

5. Do not stack objects around the door and near the track to ensure smooth traffic.

6. Add coal and slag to wear a heat-proof mask to avoid burning the face with flame and hot air.

The relevant personnel of the Copper anode casting machine must strictly abide by the above safety points during operation and use to ensure the safety of the production process without accidents.