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The Main Component Of The Melting Furnace, The Energy Saving Of The Melting Furnace

Apr 18, 2019

A melting furnace is a thermal equipment that heats materials or workpieces in industrial production using heat from fuel combustion or electrical energy conversion. Broadly speaking, a boiler is also an industrial furnace, but it is customary not to include it in industrial furnaces. There is still a lot of knowledge about the melting furnace. The main components of the melting furnace and energy saving are described below.

The main components of the melting furnace

The main components of the melting furnace are: melting furnace masonry, melting furnace exhaust system, melting furnace preheater and industrial furnace burning device. There are many types of industrial furnaces used in the mechanical industry. In the foundry, there are cupolas, induction furnaces, electric resistance furnaces, electric arc furnaces, vacuum furnaces, open furnaces, furnaces, etc. for melting metals; sand drying furnaces and ferroalloys with baking sand type Oven and casting annealing furnaces; in the forging workshop, there are various heating furnaces for pre-forging heating of steel ingots or billets, and heat treatment furnaces for stress relief after forging; in metal heat treatment workshops, various annealings for improving the mechanical properties of workpieces , normalizing, quenching and tempering heat treatment furnace; in the welding workshop, there are pre-weld preheating furnace and post-weld tempering furnace for welding parts; in the powder metallurgy workshop there is a furnace for sintering metal.

Melting furnace energy saving

The energy saving of the melting furnace is firstly to take thermal insulation measures for the conduction, convection and radiation of heat transfer, and to select insulation materials with low thermal conductivity, high strength and resistance to aluminum water erosion. Secondly, the thickness of the insulation material should be ensured in the structure, and the heat dissipation cross section of the inlet and outlet and the heat dissipation surface of the furnace body should be minimized. Of course, the molten pool material of the holding furnace is also very important. It is recommended to use imported special mullite or corundum grade materials, which can be used for more than 5 years.