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The Toughness Of Low-oxygen Copper Rods And Oxygen-free Copper Rods Are Different

Apr 04, 2019

Both can be pulled to 0.015mm, but the low temperature grade oxygen-free copper in the low temperature superconducting wire has a spacing of only 0.001mm between the filaments.

There is a difference in the economics of the raw materials from the production of the rods to the production line.

The manufacture of oxygen-free copper rods requires high quality raw materials. Generally, when drawing a copper wire with a diameter of >1 mm, the advantages of the low-oxygen copper rod are obvious, and the oxygen-free copper rod is more advantageous in drawing a copper wire having a diameter of <0.5 mm.

The line making process of the low-oxygen copper rod is different from that of the oxygen-free copper rod.

The line-making process of the low-oxygen copper rod cannot be transferred to the line-making process of the oxygen-free copper rod, and at least the annealing process of the two is different. Because the softness of the wire is deeply affected by the composition of the material and the rod making, the line making and the annealing process, it cannot be simply said that the low-oxygen copper or oxygen-free copper is soft and hard.