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What Is A Gravity Casting Machine?

Mar 01, 2019

The gravity casting machine is a widely used industrial casting equipment that can use the gravity of the earth to complete the casting, specifically the equipment that the metal liquid is poured into the metal cavity under the action of the earth's gravity to obtain the casting.

A gravity casting machine, also known as a casting machine. Gravity casting machines can be divided into two categories, namely rotary gravity casting machines and stationary gravity casting machines. These two gravity casting machines have their own characteristics. The rotary gravity casting machine can realize the tilting casting of the mold, which can effectively improve the intrinsic quality of the casting, and is especially suitable for gravity casting of complex castings such as water inflow. The fixed gravity casting machine has wide adaptability, small pieces, large pieces, simple parts, single piece and large batch can be used. The metal castings are not only good in dimensional accuracy, the surface of the castings is smooth, and the castings have high strength and good And wear resistance, not easy to damage, long service life.

Compared with high-pressure casting machines, castings made by gravity casting machines have advantages in heat treatment. The products can be heat-treated, and the gas does not expand during the heat treatment, so there are no defects such as bulging or cracking, and the gravity casting machine The use of the mold has a higher service life than the press caster, which is much longer and the mold cost is lower. The gravity casting process has the characteristics of simple process.