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What Is The Heat Preservation Method Of Low Pressure Casting Machine?

Feb 27, 2019

The low-pressure casting machine adopts four-column guide, and is equipped with two sets of mold left and right static mold core-pulling mechanism (optional four-group core-pulling mechanism); the heat-insulation furnace is fixed, the joint mechanism static template is rigidly connected with the heat-insulation furnace, effectively shortening the molten metal The length of the conveying channel.

The electrical control system uses the monitoring method of the upper and lower position machines. The imported PLC is used as the lower control machine to complete the control of the core sequence operation, liquid level pressurization and mold cooling of the core shooter. The imported man-machine interface or industrial computer is used as the upper computer to complete the parameter setting and modification of the equipment, the monitoring of the pressure data and curve, the working status of the machine and the fault alarm.

The gravity casting machine is oriented in eight columns. The combination of quick-fit and slow-speed positioning improves work efficiency and reduces impact on the mold. The static formwork is rigidly connected to the frame. The lower part of the upper formwork is provided with four ejector pins, and when the open type is in place, the casting can be ejected from the mold.